The price of the 10 most expensive domain names in the world!
The price of the 10 most expensive domain names in the world! Learn about the world's most popular and 10 most expensive domain names in the world.

The price of the 10 most expensive domain names in the world!

In the era of current technology, domain purchase and sales have become a popular and profitable business. Just a few years ago, there was no domain reseller except for the four domain companies in Bangladesh, but with the improvement and development of technology, the domain business has become quite popular in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi domain companies on the internet by entering the search will get hundreds of domain companies.

Many people asked me several times that they could buy a domain from a foreign company because they did not have a credit card. In this case, if you take a domain from any company in Bangladesh? Please answer the questions in the next post in detail. Today I will share with you where the domain of good quality is available for only $ 10, where top-level companies have purchased the domain for millions of millions of dollars.

1. Las Vegas is a city in the United States of America. It is the world famous as Pramod City. Apart from gambling casinos, most of the world's largest hotels are located in the United States. Every year millions of people come here to travel. The business company purchased the domain in 2005 for $ 90 million dollars.

2. This company offers various types of Michels insurance. They bought this domain at $ 49.7 million in 2010.

3. This company offers insurance on various topics. They bought this domain for $ 35.6 million in 2010.

4. A business company has bought the domain at a price of $ 30.18 million in 2012. This is an aircraft travel agency.

5. The company purchased the domain at a price of $ 18 million in 2009. The company does all kinds of business on the Internet. They sell different types of domains.

6. It bought the domain for $ 17 million in 2015. This is a China company. Various types of web programming and software related business models.

7. It bought the domain for $ 16 million in 2009. It is online servicing and technology-related companies.

8. It bought the domain for $ 14.9 million in 2008. This is probably the telegraph related company This domain is currently in standby.

9. It bought the domain for $ 14 million in 2014. Various types of sexual content and pornographic videos are shared.

10. It bought the domain for $ 11 million in 2001. This is also a type of travel agency. Besides, hotels are booked on the basis of residential hotels in different countries of the country.

Note: The above list contains an Adult website address. It's shared just because it's on the list of the top 10 expensive domain names. No type of pornography was shared to show. Note that the information is verified by Wikipedia references.

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